There are two options for treatment funding...

If you are not entitled to NHS funded treatment  and/or you do not meet the eligibility criteria set by your Clinical Commissioning Group, you may choose to self fund your treatment.

In order to be eligible for NHS funded IVF treatment you will need to fulfill all the eligibility criteria set by your funding body (Clinical Commissioning Group).  Your Clinical Commissioning Group is determined by the location of your GP Practice.   If you have been referred for assisted conception treatment, you will receive an application pack for your relevant Clinical Commissioning Group providing full details of the treatment available and the eligibility criteria.  You will also need to complete and return an Overseas eligibility application form to check you are eligible to receive NHS treatment.  Full details will be provided.

If you fulfill the criteria you will be added to the relevant NHS waiting list and offered treatment when funding becomes available.  You will receive full details of what is included in your NHS funding.

We currently provide NHS funded treatments for most areas local to Kingston and Surrey. To find out if you are able to be treated here please contact us with your NHS number or your GP address and we can let you know.