If you require investigations into why you are not conceiving then you need to be seen in the fertility clinic.

If you and your partner have been fully investigated and require assisted conception then you need to be seen in the Assisted Conception Unit



Referral to the Fertility Clinic

If you are having trouble in conceiving then your first appointment will almost always be with your General Practitioner (GP). If you and your GP feel a referral to the fertility clinic is appropriate then your GP will arrange an appointment for you. All patients, irrespective of whether they fulfill the criteria for NHS funded assisted conception are able to be seen in the fertility clinic, so all aspects of the fertility clinic are NHS funded for anyone requiring the service irrespective of your individual circumstances

We will assess the referral in order to decide in which clinic you should be seen. Once the investigations have been completed you will be seen by one of our consultants to discuss the results and decide on an appropriate treatment plan.


There are several treatments which may be offered through the fertility clinic and you would only be referred to the Assisted Conception Unit if these interventions are unsuccessful.