The Clinical Commisioning Group (CCG) where your GP Surgery is based is responsible for your NHS healthcare costs. Each CCG sets their own priorities from limited funds.  The CCG set their own criteria for NHS funded IVF treatment to which Kingston ACU must adhere. If you live wthin Kingston, Richmond, Hounslow, or within Surrey or South West London CCGs, you may be eligible for NHS funded treatment here, provided you meet their eligibility criteria. 

We would normally expect you to be referred to us by a consultant NHS gynaecologist/NHS Fertility Clinic who have recommended Assisted Conception treatment.

We will check the referral to ensure that you meet the necessary CCG criteria before commencing treatment. You will be required to complete forms to enable us to make this assessment. Occasionally we may ask for further information from the referring doctor. We are also required by Kingston NHS Foundation Trust to carry out an Overseas eligibility check to ensure you are entitled to NHS funded treatment. 

There is currently no waiting for NHS funded treatment. We are obliged by NHS rules to commence treatment within 18 weeks of your treatment being approved. We define the commencement of treatment as the start of your medication.

If you have any questions about obtaining NHS funding then please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.who is responsible for all funding issues within the Unit