We are very proud of the Success Rates which we have achieved. 

Since April 2015 we have been working with King's Fertility in Denmark Hill, London and our results have been excellent. 


April 2015-April 2019

All Ages

(mean age = 35)

April 2015 - April 2019

34 years and under

(mean age = 31.5)

Cycles 1617 618
Egg Collections 1548 612
Embryo Transfers 1384 535
Clinical Pregnancies 579 257
Clinical Pregnancy/Cycle 36% 42%
Clinical Pregnancy/EC 37% 42%

Clinical Pregnancy/Embryo transfer

42% 48%
HFEA National Average per embyro transferred 2018 27% 37%
Multiple Pregnancy 58 15

Multiple Pregnancy as % of all pregnancies

Implantation Rate *






 * Implantation rate is the ratio between the number of embryos transferred in a treatment cycle and the number of Intra Uterine heart beats seen, i.e an implantation rate of 33% means that for every 100 embryos transferred to the uterus 33 will develop to an ongoing pregnancy.


Success rates for IVF and ICSI treatment can be very difficult to interpret as no two centres will treat exactly the same cohort of patients. Some centres will specialise in treating difficult patients which would tend to reduce their success rates. Other centres may treat more straightforward cases which would tend to improve their success rates.  Therefore, although the published success rates of a centre are important it is necessary to interpret any results carefully.

Our success rates for IUI are in line with national figures.  It is important to be be aware that because our IUI cycle numbers are few it is very difficult to compare our results with other centres.

For more information about succes rates please visit the Human Fertilisation and Embrology Authority (HFEA) website